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What is
Augment is designed to present the portfolios of the Myers School of Art Class of 2020 Graphic Designers. Initially intended to display work physically, the show evolved into something we could have never have anticipated. Although the change was abrupt, it was exactly what we had been trained for—approaching design in an innovative way. COVID-19 made us adapt the exhibition’s ideas with creative solutions to preserve our vision and show the world what designers do: solve problems. As a whole, Augment presents how our individual strengths are complemented in a team format. Together, we created a senior show like no other to bring you an interactive experience through an online network of portfolios.

While we are not able to shake your hand and introduce ourselves, we’re still here and ready to augment your team.
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The Process
Class Photo
The Beginning— our class gathered together to begin creating show concepts.
Class Concepts
All of the show concepts up on the board for critique.
Early Augment Design
The concept "Augment" was chosen, still in its early stage of development.
Augment Design Progress
This next iteration begins to look more like what Augment is known as now.
Augment give-away bag mock-ups were developed.
Mock-up designs for Augment tags were also created to be used during the show.
Triangle Installation
Ideas for a glowing triangle wall installation were put together.
Many long brainstorm sessions and meetings were necessary to develop Augment.
Final Augment Design
The final postcard design for Augment was created. The texture and logo shown in the image are the elements being used in the digital show.
In the midst of developing Augment and gathering materials for the show, COVID-19 caused a disruption for all event plans.
Website Design
Due to the developing disruption, an interactive website and online gallery were created to allow people to still see the class's design work.
Virtual Gallery
Hosting the senior show through a virtual gallery opened up an opportunity for people to still browse the portfolios of students in a different way.
A refined Augment website was created to allow for a memorable experience that presents the work of 31 graphic design students.
Augment 2020 Highlight Reel